History and Mission


The New Paradigm Fund (NPF) was established to identify, develop and share superior models for addressing the problems associated with AIDS, addiction, rain forest and primate conservation, and aspects of poverty associated with stateless and minority peoples.

Relying on an anthropological approach that embraces indigenous people and their beliefs and practices, The Fund conducts and supports applied research, pilot programs, and other efforts aimed at improving health and well-being in ways that are sustainable and build on the knowledge, local organizations and institutions of local people and cultures.

The region of emphasis will primarily--but not exclusively--be sub-Saharan Africa. the  purpose of thew New Paradigm Fund is to assist in the reduction and elimination of the spread of AIDS and other infectious diseases and improve health and well-being around the world, through approaches which recognize that people have the capacity to make fundamental changes in behavior and are more than victims of circumstance. The Fund's efforts focus on approaches that involve character, decision-making and responsibility development. New Paradigm supports solutions that come from communities, are grounded in culture, and are sustainable using the resources of that culture and communities, rather than relying on continuing outside aid and assistance, assistance that often leads to dependance and devaluing even the best aspects of indigenous culture.


In 2013 Ubuntu was officially designated as a Status 3 local NGO  and can now receive indirect USAID grants, and non-US grants such as a recent $3 million award. With NPF core support, Ubuntu has been able to increase its scope of work and to grow its staff to 9 employees. NPF support allowed Ubuntu to take on project grants without overhead allocation, like one from the Ford Foundation. 

Other accomplishments: 

- Launch of New Paradigm Fund as 501c3
- Collaboration with Ubuntu Institute on HIV/AIDS Education Program on sexual reproductive rights, risk behavior and multiple concurrent partnerships and male circumcision
- Development of Swaziland-based alcohol and substance abuse study evaulating treatment and counseling with under-resourced populations
- Preliminary development of marriage study
- Exploration of Africa-based collaborative funding opportunities
- Working with Yakita, a respected NGO in Indonesia. The effort focuses on the roles of treatment, recovery and relapse prevention through local 12 Step recovery mutual support groups.